La Salle Primary School
La Salle Primary School (“LSPS”) has always set to follow St. John Baptist de La Salle’s mission of providing a human and Christian education to the young, paying particular attention to the needy, while developing mindsets and hearts to “conquer every ill”.

We aspire nurturing our boys into becoming Lasallian Gentlemen with skills that will allow them to excel and flourish in the 21st century, developing a passion for life-long learning, and above all, creating a difference in the people and community around them.

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary in the academic year 2017 – 2018 under the theme “Sparkling Onwards and Upwards”, there is little doubt that the road ahead of LSPS will continue to be an exciting one. Nevertheless, it will also be a journey full of challenges.

The School has identified the following priority areas where investment by LSPS is required to ensure that we are able to prepare our boys for the challenges ahead:
  • IT infrastructure overhaul with new hardware and software to develop classrooms of the future;
  • Campus facilities upgrade that would include both internal and external maintenance and conversion work that is conducive to student learning;
  • Teaching and learning enhancement that would include the possibility of increasing teaching staff, providing innovative educational programmes, scholarships and staff development.
Mrs. Chandni Rakesh
La Salle Primary School