Since 1992, the Foundation has raised over HK$90Million under various fund raising drives for specific project initiatives. Major fund raising campaigns include the 1992 to 1995 effort for the much needed refurbishment and modernisation of the College, the 1996 and 1997 returfing of the LSC track and field, the 2000 to 2002 programme for the redevelopment of LSPS to cater for whole day schooling, the 2005 to 2006 fund raising for the LSC School Improvement Programme (SIP), the LSC 75th Anniversary Jubilee Fund in 2007, and the 2020 Fund Raising Drive starting 2011.

The Foundation has made over HK$79 Million donations to LSC and LSPS to date, including:

HK$8.4Million for various LSC refurbishment projects in the last 20 years
HK$10Million for two rounds of LSC track & field resurfacing in 1997 and 2009
HK$45Million for the redevelopment of LSPS, completed in 2002
HK$4.2Million for the LSC SIP, completed in 2005
HK$2Million for the refurbishment of the Brothers’ Quarters in 2006
HK$5Million for the refurbishment of the school entrance and offices in 2011
HK$2Million (so far) for various education improvement initiatives under the Jubilee Fund
HK$2.4Million for replacement of the air-conditioning system in LG1&2 in 2016

In addition, the Foundation has spearheaded the fundraising for the La Salle Primary School Redevelopment in 1995-2005 and the La Salle Primary School Diamond Jubilee Fundraising Campaign in 2017.